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RegiExec Max Individual

Our individual plans are tailored to suits your personal needs.

General ConsultationCovered
Specialist ConsultationCovered
Prescribed drugsCovered
Laboratory tests/InvestigationsCovered
Management of chronic diseasesCovered
General wardCovered
Semi-Private wardCovered
Private wardCovered
Hospital feedingCovered
Drugs and infusionsCovered
Nursing careCovered
Resuscitative or life saving initial treatmentCovered
Local evacuation to hospitalCovered
Emergency drugs and investigationsCovered
Antenatal CareNot Covered
Normal DeliveryNot Covered
Caesarean SessionNot Covered
Induction of labour and assisted deliveryNot Covered
Non NPI Immunization
(Hepatitis B, MMR, Varicella, Rotavirus )
Routine NPI Immunization
(Childhood Polio, Measles, BCG, DPT, Tuberculosis, Poliomyelitis, Pertussis, Tetanus, Hepatitis B, Measles )
Routine Eye ExaminationCovered
Treatment of Chronic and Acute eye diseasesCovered
Opthalmic Surgery (Up to surgical limit)Covered
Provision of Lenses & Frames
(Plain, Bifocal, Varifocal lenses subject to limits of coverage )
Covered up to N40,000
Consultations & Dental Treatment
(Prescribed Drugs, Pain Therapy, Simple Extraction & Amalgam filling.)
Simple ExtractionCovered
Surgery ExtractionNot Covered
Additional Dental Services
(Root Canal, Treatment & Crowning Excluding, Cosmetic Treatment )
Covered up to N50,000
X-rays, laboratory and Diagnostic testsCovered
(Such as suturing of lacerations, I & D )
Surgical Procedures
(Such as Herniorraphy, appendicetomy, reduction of fraction, removal of foreign body from ear, nose & throat)
Covered up to N400,000
Routine physicals (no investigations)Covered
Annual Routine Medical ScreeningLimited to Physical, BP, Blood Sugar, Genotype, PCV, Urinalysis, Blood Group, PCV, Serum, Cholesterol and Pap Smear, Prostrate Specific Antigen and Mammography, Chest X-Ray, Lung Function Test, ECG
Family Planning IUCDs:
(Injectables, Oral Contraceptives & implant )
Treatment of Infertility:
(Diagnosis & Drug Treatments )
Covered up to N120,000
Cancer Care:
(Up to the point of Diagnosis )
(Counseling & Annual Testing, Provision of ARVs at designated centres only )
Scaling and polishingCovered
 Provision for Medical Service to those not Registered on the Scheme
 Medical Services not included in selected plan
 Drug Abuse & Addiction, Self-Inflicted Injury
 Occupational & Industrial Injury & Conditions (GPA/GDL/WC)
 Injury & Condition arising from Natural Disaster, Civil Unrest, Riot, Domestic Violence, Epidemics
 Injury arising from Extreme Sports (Professional Sporting)
 Transplanting & any Surgery procedures requiring Implants
 Treatments of Pre-existing Conditions
 Medical & surgery Treatment for Obesity
 Surgery Operations for the Cranial Cavity, Brain, Spine, Spinal cord, Heart & Chest Cavity
 Cosmetic treatments & Surgeries for purpose to improve appearance
 Prostheses
 Treatment for Chronic Psychiatric Disorders
 Experimental Services


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Bayelsa State, Nigeria.


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