RegiExec Medi – Individual


BAND B Hospitals
General Consultation
Specialist Consultation
Rare Specialist
Prescribed drugs
Laboratory tests
Management of chronic diseases
Physiotherapy - 7 sessions
Semi-Private ward
Hospital feeding
Laboratory investigations
Drugs and infusions
Nursing care
Resuscitative or life saving initial treatment
Local evacuation to hospital
Accident, Emergency drugs and investigations Covered up to N170,000
Consultation and Refraction
(Visual Acuity, Intraocular Pressure Test)
Treatment of Chronic eye diseases
Treatment of Acute eye diseases
Eye care
(Pterygium Excision, Cataract Extraction & Glaucoma treatment)
Provision of Lenses & Frames Covered up to N25,00
Primary Dental Care
Examination, Basic Dental treatment, Simple Amalgam or Composite filling, X-Ray, Scaling and Polishing, Non-Surgical Extraction and Pain Therapy/Relief
Secondary Dental Care
Surgical Tooth Extraction, Root Canal Treatment and Orthodontics - Covered up to N45,000
X-rays, laboratory and Diagnostic tests
Special Investigation
IVU, Barium Studies, Electrocardiogram (ECG) – Rest & Electroencephalogram (EEG)
Advanced & Complex Investigations
CT Scan, MRI, Echocardiogram
Such as suturing of lacerations, I & D
Surgical Procedures covered up to N170,000
Such as Herniorraphy, appendicetomy, reduction of fraction, removal of foreign body from ear, nose & throat.
Annual Routine Medical Screening
(Physical Examination, Urinalysis and Complete hemogram)
Comprehensive Medical Screening
Physical Examination, Testing for organ functions - 3 ORGANS
(at designated centers)
Cancer Care - Covered up to N80,000
Counseling & Annual Testing, Provision of ARVs at designated centres only
Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy - Covered up to N100,000
Renal Dialysis - Covered for 2 Sessions
24 hours Call Centre
Rescue Services
Ambulance (Inter-State/hospital-hospital transportation)